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Resin Art Kailua

Monkey Pod Mermaid Serving Tray

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This tray measures 12" round x 1.6" deep and it is made of Monkey Pod wood featuring cut in handles for easy carrying. With a wash of sparkling ocean themed resin, that is approved for use with food, so you can serve right on it.

This tray features a pretty mermaid, playing in the surf. She is hand panted and her tail is covered with glittery "scales". Use this tray to carry condiments, silverware, glasses and food items to your table, or you can place food directly on its surface (as the resin is approved for use with food). After use, wash it is with mild soap and water, then dry it well to help preserve the wood and beauty of this tray.

We recommend that you oil the wood twice a year with mineral oil to keep it beautiful. When not in use, display it on a plate stand as artwork for your kitchen or dining room - Its that pretty!

12" round x 1.6" tall and each sold separately. Comes with a care instruction card and is individually hand cast in my workshop located in Kailua, Hawaii.

Photos explain the concept.  Because these are individually made, each may be slightly different but using the same color scheme.